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Project Honorees

2013 David O'Connell for A Better Way to Fall, selected by Dennis Barone

2012 Lucile Burt for Neither Created Nor Destroyed, selected by Lisa Starr

2011 Ellen LaFleche for Workers' Rites, selected by Dana Gioia

2010 Kathleen M. Kelley for The Waiting Room, selected by Marge Piercy

2009 Jennifer E. Whitten for Auction, selected by Marilyn Nelson

2008 John Brush: for Chrysalis, selected by Forrest Gander

2007 Leslie McGrath for Toward Anguish, selected by D.H. Melhem

2006 James F. Connolly for Last Summer, selected by Martin Espada

2005 Lynn Tudor Deming: for Heady Rubbish, selected by Robert Pinsky

2004 Justin Lacour for Mr. Gravity's Blue Holiday, selected by John Ashbery

2003 Linda Voris for AntiGraphi, selected by Mei-mei Berssenbrugge

2002 Laura Cherry for What We Planted, selected by Stanley Moss

2001 Nehassaiu deGannes for Percussion Salt & Honey, selected by Michael Harper

2000 Mimi White for The Singed Horizon, selected by Robert Creeley

1999 Marjorie Milligan for Coats Field, selected by C.D. Wright

Philbrick Poetry Project

History of the Philbrick Poetry Project

The Philbrick Poetry Project was established to honor Charles and Deborah Philbrick by promoting the art of poetry in New England. Professor Philbrick taught at Brown University and published several books of poetry, including New England Suite and Nobody Laughs, Nobody Cries. Deborah Philbrick contributed her talents throughout her lifetime to help charitable organizations and mentor many of Providence's aspiring young poets.

The Philbrick Poetry Project brings together established and emerging New England poets for an evening of readings to showcase their work. This event takes place in April, during National Poetry Month. We also sponsor two other projects: Micro-Memoir, a workshop in which participants write extremely short (200-word) personal memoirs based on an object/concept presented by our facilitator, and Read Aloud, our annual marathon reading of a literary classic. All these programs encourage broad public engagement and creative accomplishment through collaboration with local artists and arts organizations.

In the past, we've also recognized an emerging poet with the publication of chapbook. Copies of these chapbooks are available online here

Generous funding has been provided by the Philbrick family and by donations to the Philbrick Poetry Project Fund. This activity is made possible in part by a grant from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, through an appropriation by the Rhode Island General Assembly and a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

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